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The Secret Place

Psalm 91:1, (NKJV), “He who dwells in the secret place of the Most High; Shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty…”

Every now and then we want to go away to escape from life (figuratively speaking). We want a getaway to go to a place where we can be alone with our thoughts to sort things out. A place that’s quiet without kids, spouses, music, etc. This place could be the park, the beach, or sitting on the front porch drinking a cup of tea. The environment we create to ensure this solitude is our secret place.

As we rest in our secret places, we should consider these areas as our safety zones where we can enjoy being in the presence of God. Abiding in God’s presence will bring us hope, joy, comfort, and peace. Dwelling in the secret place gives us the opportunity to know and nurture a relationship with God thus inviting Him in to nurture a relationship with us. In this secret place, our faith increases knowing God wants to keep us safe. Therefore, we can call on Him and whatever is on our minds we can express it freely with the knowledge that God is our refuge when we put our faith and trust in Him.

Dear God, when we go to our secret places, we know that this is our safety zone where we can freely call on your name because You are our refuge, our fortress, and our God who we trust (Psalm 91:2). And because Your name is a fortified tower, we can run to it and be safe (Proverbs 18:10). Thank you God for being our rock, deliverer, shield, and salvation (Psalm 118:2). For without you we are nothing and we can’t do anything without you.

In Jesus Name


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