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(T)ogether (E)veryone (A)chieves (M)ore

I recently completed a Leadership program as part of my professional development for this year. One of the classes I took as part of the program was how to lead collaborative teams. In one of the lessons, the professor shared that leaders will gain more influence when they focus on being a leader than a manager. When the focus of leaders shift, they are developing a different set of skills thinking more conceptually and strategically often shaking up the status quo. Leaders empower their teams through encouragement and motivation. They give guidance and direction and establish a safe space for creativity and innovation. When teams make mistakes, leaders hold them accountable for the outcomes yet always providing opportunities for improvement.

The challenge, however, for leaders in building collaborative teams is delegating. Leaders often over delegate by assigning tasks that either they don’t want to do or know how to do it. This approach often backfires because the team that's doing the work has to explain to their leader what was done and how it was done. This unfortunately, causes loss of production time, hinders performance, and decreases leadership approval. Yet the art of delegation is letting go. When leaders delegate tasks, it should not be because they don't want to do the work but because the leader trusts the team to do the work and with confidence, know the work will get done.

Jesus as the leader, delegated his authority to us (his team) through the power of the Holy Spirit. If Jesus, didn’t leave, then the Holy Spirit would not have come (John 16:7). His physical presence on earth was limited yet his leaving meant that he could be present throughout the world by way of the Holy Spirit. His team (us) have been entrusted to collaborate and engage with each other so that we can share our Christian faith (1 Peter 3:15). We’ve been empowered with the guidance and direction of the Holy Spirit, are held accountable for our actions when we sin, yet also given a safe space for renewed strength (Church home, prayer closet, war room, etc.).

As leaders, how are you delegating the authority God has given you?

Dear God, as leaders, we often lose sight on how to effectively lead others (teams). Many of us see our leadership positions as one of power and authority prejudiced by personal inclinations influenced by our own selfish desires. But your word says, “Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit. Rather, in humility value others above yourselves (Philippians 2:3). Teach us to lead by the delegated power of the Holy Spirit so that we may set aside selfishness and lead your teams with dignity and respect. Thank you for sending us a helper who will guide his team in all truth.

In Jesus Name


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