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Esther Mini Prayer Series: Part 5

The last installment of the mini prayer series reminds us that we reap what we sow.

Part 1: God will demote in order to promote (Esth. 1: 10-21)

Part 2: Divine intervention (Esth. 2:21-23)

Part 3: Stepping out on faith (Esth. 5:1-2)

Part 4: Everything happens at God’s appointed time (Esth. 6:1-2; 4-10)

Part 5: You reap what you sow (Esth. 7:9-10)

After Esther wined and dined Xerxes and Haman for two nights, she finally exposes Haman’s plan to kill the Jews. His evil plans turned against him after Xerxes was made aware of Haman’s true intentions. In anger and to serve as punishment, Xerxes commanded Haman’s impalement on the very pole built for Mordecai. 

Proverbs 26:27 teaches us that if you set a trap for others, you will be a victim of your own trap. 

I pray the plans the enemy has designed for you be returned to sender.

In Jesus Name



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