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Esther Mini Prayer Series: Part 4

Updated: Jan 27, 2019

Part 1: God will demote in order to promote (Esth. 1: 10-21)

Part 2: Divine intervention (Esth. 2:21-23)

Part 3: Stepping out on faith (Esth. 5:1-2)

Part 4: Everything happens at God’s appointed time (Esth. 6:1-2; 4-10)

Haman had since been promoted to second in command to Xerxes. By the king’s command, as Haman walked by, people were supposed to bow to him (Esth. 3:1-2) Mordecai, however, refused to kneel to Haman because (1) the ancestors of Mordecai and Haman were enemies and (2) bowing down to Haman would mean acknowledging him as a god and showing reverence to him, to which Mordecai refused. Out of frustration and advice from his wife and friends, Haman built a 75-foot pole specifically reserved for Mordecai’s execution. Fortunately for Mordecai, just when Haman was prepared to ask the king to unjustly impale him, God decided it was time to reward Mordecai for exposing the king’s assassination attempt.  Interestingly, Haman’s idea for rewarding someone who pleases the king was Mordecai’s divine retribution.

According to Colossians 1:11 (NIV), “…being strengthened with all power according to his glorious might so that you may have great endurance and patience…”

God promises to reward our good deeds but sometimes we feel that our payoff is taking too long. So, we have to be patient. God will step in on his timing when the payoff will do the most good.

I pray that your patience and endurance is strengthened so you’re ready when God shows up to reward you.

In Jesus Name...Amen

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