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Esther Mini Prayer Series: Part 3

Updated: Jan 27, 2019

As we continue, this week let's begin by stepping out on faith.

Part 1: God will demote in order to promote (Esth. 1: 10-21)

Part 2: Divine intervention (Esth. 2:21-23)

Part 3: Stepping out on faith (Esth. 5:1-2)

After learning about Hamon’s plea to the king to annihilate the Jews, Mordecai appealed to Esther to intercede to the king on their behalf. Knowing if she were to approach the king without first being summoned could result in her death, Esther called for the people to do a three day fast (4:6). At the end of the fast and stepping out on faith, Esther approaches the king who warmly accepts her thus allowing Esther the opportunity to move forward with her plan.

According to Proverbs 21:1, “In the Lord’s hand the king’s heart is a stream of water that he channels toward all who please him.”

Esther made a decision to fast, pray, and trust God for the outcome. In this case, God showed himself by channeling the king’s heart towards Esther.

If you are in the middle of change (i.e. jobs, position, location, etc.), I pray God will touch the hearts of those in the position of authority to show you favor and your outcome will be beyond measure.

In Jesus Name…Amen 

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