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Esther Mini Prayer Series: Part 2

Updated: Jan 27, 2019

Last week, 3P shared Part 1 of the prayer series, "God will demote in order to promote." This week, 3P will continue with Part 2: Divine Intervention.

Part 1: God will demote in order to promote (Esth. 1: 10-21)

Part 2: Divine intervention (Esth. 2:21-23)

As Mordecai sits at the king’s gate, he overhears the assassination attempt on the king’s life. Mordecai informs Esther who notifies the king on Mordecai’s behalf. Once the story is confirmed to be true, the conspirators are executed and the king’s life is saved. Up until now, Esther’s relationship to Mordecai hasn’t been revealed yet we can see that Xerxes’ life was saved by someone he doesn’t know. 

God placed Esther on the thrown before the Jews faced pending death. God placed Mordecai at the gate to hear the assassination attempt so he could advise Esther to appeal to the king.

I pray God places people in divine positions to intervene on your behalf.

In Jesus Name…Amen

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